8:15am Check-in

8:45am Welcome and Special Presentations

Tina Staley, LCSW

Anitra Talley
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

9:30-10:30am Opening Session

FDA Treatments and Clinical Trials
Margaret Tempero, MD
University of California, San Francisco
This session will cover standard treatment approaches and current clinical trials.

10:45-11:45am Breakout Sessions Part I (attend one)

Side Effect Management through Diet and Nutrition
Colleen Gill, MS, RD, CSO
University of Colorado
This session will provide an overview of digestion and absorption concerns with pancreatic cancer including pancreatic enzymes, general nutrition tips, common side effects, supplements and resources.

Current Diagnostic Tools for Pancreatic Cancer
Walter Park, MD, MS
Stanford University
This session will describe the various tools available for diagnosing pancreatic cancer including radiology and endoscopic imaging.

11:45am Networking Lunch

1:00pm Survivor Photo

1:15-2:15pm Breakout Sessions Part II (attend one)

Genetics of Pancreatic Cancer
Amie Blanco, MS, CGC
University of California, San Francisco
This session will explore familiar patterns of pancreatic cancer, hereditary risk and precursors for pancreatic cancer.

Complementary Medicine
Donald Abrams, MD
University of California, San Francisco
This session will explore complementary and integrative medicine therapies to help improve quality of life.

2:30-3:30pm Closing Session I

Pain and Side Effect Management
George Fisher, MD, PhD
Stanford University
This session will discuss the principles of pain management, goals of pain therapy, and management of other common side effects.

3:45pm Closing Session II

Recent Research in Pancreatic Cancer
Dave Dawson, MD, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles
This session will outline some of the most recent research advances in pancreatic cancer.

4:45pm Symposium Ends