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Historia de un Sobreviviente: Luis Flores
Mi historia empieza a fines de Mayo del 2007 en Antofagasta (zona minera norte de Chile), allí la gastritis crónica que padecía desde el 2002 se agudiza, por esta razón regreso a Santiago de Chile para tomar mi vuelo de retorno a Lima (Perú). En Lima, de inmediato visito al gastroenterólogo que me receta los medicamentos necesarios y me dice que vuelva en un mes, el tratamiento no dio resultado y tenía mareos, nauseas, vómitos y una depresión terrible. Los primeros días de Julio regreso al consultorio, el médico me propone un cambio de...
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Historia de un Sobreviviente: Javier Merino
Hola, yo me llamo Javier, hace diez años me dijeron que tenía cáncer pancreático.Mi historia empezó cuando tenía un dolor terrible en el medio del estomago y que iba alrededor hasta mi espalda.  Fui al doctor y me dio un diagnostico preliminar de pancreatitis aguda, también me dijo el doctor que fuera a un especialista para ver la raíz del dolor, me hicieron un lote de exámenes y no podían decirme definitivamente que era lo que tenia.El especialista me mando a ver otro doctor que tiene una maquina muy especializada que mete un cable...
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Survivor Story: Jenifer Middleton
I am now a 9-year survivor of pancreatic adenocarcinoma – the fast growing kind of pancreatic cancer. But my life felt drastically threatened in September 2006 when I was diagnosed with a 4.5 cm tumor on the tail of my pancreas. I learned about it in a very unusual way, and I realize now that there were many "little miracles" that helped me along the way. At the time, I was going about my life raising three children and a niece, working as a registered nurse and receiving treatment from a rheumatologist for what we thought was...
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Survivor Story: Derek Rowell
In the spring of 2014, I was a 70-year-old engineering professor looking forward to retirement at the end of the year. In April, I started to experience abdominal discomfort across the bottom of my rib cage. At first I ignored it, but it became progressively worse. I also noticed I was losing weight. I saw a doctor at the end of June on a Thursday, and he suggested I get a CT scan, which I had on Friday morning. In the evening, the doctor called to say that the scan had revealed a "significant mass" on my pancreas. I asked if it was cancer, and he replied...
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Survivor Story: Suzanne Mitchell
I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July 2013 and I’ve opted not to have treatment beyond the Whipple surgery I had in August of that year. Instead, I’m fighting the disease on my own terms and am enjoying each moment of every day — traveling, reading, spending time with friends and doing many of the things I never had time to do until now. During the 14 years I spent with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – I was their first-ever director – I often told the girls that, “It’s not what happens to you ... it’s what happens through...
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Survivor Story: Jonathan O'Riordan
I am 39 and I was diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas four weeks ago. Before I tell my story, I want to say that reading the other survivor stories has touched me deeply. I read them through floods of tears of solidarity. You are all amazing, strong and incredible people. Thank you for sharing your stories. They have given me immense hope. My diagnosis was rather protracted, having come after months of illness and hospital stays. It began with ferocious body itching, diarrhea, dark urine and abdominal pain that was not diagnosed...
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Survivor Story: Schanna Bodkin
Beginning in 2010, I started having pancreatitis, which resulted in two hospital stays. Scans showed an area of concern on my pancreas. After having my gallbladder removed and two biopsies, both of which came back inconclusive, my doctor took a "wait and see" approach. But it wasn't until my physician gave the green light to go on a cruise that my life became a nightmare. I ended up in the ship's infirmary with yet another bout of pancreatitis. I was taken off the ship by ambulance and transported to one of only two hospitals on the island of St. Maarten. Five...
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Survivor Story: Mary Beth Campbell
I would love to tell you all why I Wage Hope. I am a 13-year survivor of pancreatic cancer. I am very blessed. Not many people survived this deadly disease in 2002. I was fortunate to be diagnosed early. My only symptom was maddening itching. No jaundice was obvious, but my lab test reflected a bile duct obstruction. My smart doctor called me in for an immediate CT scan, which showed a 2.5-centimeter tumor. Then the treatment started. First, we knew a good surgeon who performed the well-known Whipple procedure. The next step after recovery was to...
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Caregiver Story: Kit Gipson
My wife, Jodi, was diagnosed on August 31, 2012, with adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. The mass was small and had metastasized to her liver, which had too many tumors to count (the doctor’s words). Her symptoms were mild back pain and she got full really fast when she ate. She was 54 at the time. Jodi started treatments almost immediately with a combination of three chemotherapy drugs at two-week intervals. After about four months, she went down to three-week intervals and started receiving treatment to boost her bone marrow function. According...
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Survivor Story: Philip Zeblisky
In May 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic adenocarcinoma. The first sign that there was something wrong came just five weeks earlier when I started to experience symptoms of jaundice, which turned out to be caused by a small tumor at the head of my pancreas. Initially, the prognosis was stage 2 cancer, and a Whipple procedure was attempted. However, during the surgery a metastasis was identified, and the surgery was aborted. The prognosis after surgery was not good. I was effectively told that I should get my affairs in order, and if I...
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