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Survivor Story: Joseph Sarria

My name is Joe Sarria and I was diagnosed with inoperable metastatic pancreatic cancer in May, 2011.  I receive chemotherapy three times a month at a cancer center in Pittsburgh.  I've been on chemotherapy for over two years and the tumor has actually decreased in size about 20%.  In January, 2013, a PET scan revealed that I was totally cancer free.

I am still on chemotherapy as a preventive measure more than anything else.  I feel great, work full-time and workout at the gym twice a week.  I feel that God uses his creations, such as doctors, nurses, chemotherapy and other people, to do his healing and it has proven to be true in my case.  My experience with pancreatic cancer has brought me closer to God and made me a better person.

My pancreatic cancer journey has also made me more aware of the need to support the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  I think the Network is making people aware of the need to find a cure for this disease which takes so many lives.  Again, even though I faced several low points in the last two years with this disease, I was able to survive it.  I am a better and stronger person now as result of this experience and the love and support from my family and friends.

The bottom line is that there is hope of survival and cure.  I believe prayer and faith in God and trust in our doctors and treatment are integral parts of our healing process.  There is hope.  Don't give up!  Here is a picture of my wife, Sue, and me with our kids. 

Joe Sarria

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