As the Organization’s Patient Services Expand, the Call Center Gets a More Relevant Name

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sq-patient-services-iconPanCAN Patient Services is the new name for the Patient and Liaison Services (PALS) that patients and their families and caregivers have come to trust for pancreatic cancer information and personalized clinical trials searches, as well as many other resources. PanCAN Patient Services is still staffed by our knowledgeable, trusted Case Managers, and the staff is growing as the organization’s patient services expand.

As the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network prepares to launch several new patient services over the next few months, we feel that “PanCAN Patient Services” better describes this centralized resource for patients and caregivers than “PALS.”

Anitra Engebretson, Director of Patient Services & Medical Relations for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, notes, “The new name communicates more clearly to the pancreatic cancer community that they can contact a single resource to access a host of useful services. And patients and their families and caregivers will still have the option of talking to the same Case Manager every time they call.”

PanCAN Patient Services is designed as the starting point for patients and their families and caregivers as they undertake their pancreatic cancer journey. And this year, three innovative new services will be available for patients by contacting PanCAN Patient Services:

PanCAN Patient Services offers information on:

• Pancreatic cancer, including symptoms and risk factors

• Diagnosis and treatment options

• Clinical trials, including a personalized trials search

• Clinical Trial Finder online (coming in May)

• Know Your Tumor personalized medicine service

• Side effect management

• Diet and nutrition

• Specialists and high-volume cancer centers

• Questions to ask the healthcare team

• Support resources, such as Survivor and Caregiver Network

Know Your Tumor – Introduced this past January, this personalized medicine service offers tumor profiling to certain eligible patients. Learn whether you qualify.

Clinical Trial Finder – This service will be available in late May. It will allow patients and caregivers to begin their own clinical trials searches accessing the same comprehensive, up-to-date database of U.S. pancreatic cancer clinical trials that the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network uses, through a user-friendly online interface. Of course, patients and caregivers are always welcome to contact PanCAN Patient Services and ask a Case Manager for a free personalized clinical trials search at every stage of their pancreatic cancer journey.

Patient Registry – The Patient Registry is a secure website where patients and caregivers can record details about their pancreatic cancer journey, including information about their diagnosis, treatments and side effects, test results and other experiences. This information can be shared with their doctors and with researchers to help them better understand different aspects of the disease and advance patient care. The Patient Registry is planned to be released this summer.

PanCAN Patient Services will also continue offering a wide range of free information and education resources, tailored to the individual, on such topics as diagnosis and treatment, diet and nutrition, specialists and support services, as well as free personalized clinical trials searches.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, please call 877-272-6226, Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT, or complete our contact form.