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Historia de un Sobreviviente: Luis Flores
Mi historia empieza a fines de Mayo del 2007 en Antofagasta (zona minera norte de Chile), allí la gastritis crónica que padecía desde el 2002 se agudiza, por esta razón regreso a Santiago de Chile para tomar mi vuelo de retorno a Lima (Perú). En Lima, de inmediato visito al gastroenterólogo que me receta los medicamentos necesarios y me dice que vuelva en un mes, el tratamiento no dio resultado y tenía mareos, nauseas, vómitos y una depresión terrible. Los primeros días de Julio regreso al consultorio, el médico me propone un cambio de...
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Historia de un Sobreviviente: Javier Merino
Hola, yo me llamo Javier, hace diez años me dijeron que tenía cáncer pancreático.Mi historia empezó cuando tenía un dolor terrible en el medio del estomago y que iba alrededor hasta mi espalda.  Fui al doctor y me dio un diagnostico preliminar de pancreatitis aguda, también me dijo el doctor que fuera a un especialista para ver la raíz del dolor, me hicieron un lote de exámenes y no podían decirme definitivamente que era lo que tenia.El especialista me mando a ver otro doctor que tiene una maquina muy especializada que mete un cable...
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Caregiver Story: Kit Gipson
My wife, Jodi, was diagnosed on August 31, 2012 with adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. The mass was small and had metastasized to her liver, which had too many tumors to count (the doctor’s words). Her symptoms were mild back pain and she got full really fast when she ate.  She was 54 at the time. Jodi started treatments almost immediately with a combination of three chemotherapy drugs at two week intervals. After about four months, she went down to three week intervals and started receiving treatment to boost her bone marrow function. ...
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Survivor Story: Philip Zeblisky
In May, 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic adenocarcinoma.  The first sign that there was something wrong came just five weeks earlier when I started to experience symptoms of jaundice which turned out to be caused by a small tumor at the head of my pancreas.  Initially the prognosis was that the cancer was stage 2, and a Whipple procedure was attempted.  However, during that surgery a metastasis was identified, and the surgery was aborted. The prognosis after surgery was not good.  I was effectively told that I should get my ...
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Survivor Story: Melissa Kartasevich
I am 40 years old and a one year-plus survivor.  My story starts April 2013.  I woke up in the morning with pain and discomfort in my left side.  Thinking it was from sleeping in a bad position, I just took some pain medicine and went to work.  By lunch time the pain had not gone away and was slightly worse.  Knowing my body and knowing it was an unusual pain, I left work and headed to the ER.  The doctors ran some tests and performed a CAT scan, where they saw that my spleen had infracted.  But they did not know what had caused this.  They kept me...
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Survivor Story: Rich Gary
It’s funny how life can change in an instant.  I was 52-years-old and married to a wonderful woman.  We had four children and seven grandchildren.  I was at the top of my profession and the worship leader/pastor at our church.  Our life was full of family, friends, and serving God.  On April 28th, 2014, that all changed.  I went into the emergency room with a stomachache and dark urine.  The doctor ordered an MRI, and at approximately three o’clock that afternoon I was told I only had six months to live.  I had stage 4 pancreatic cancer that...
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Survivor Stories: Clinical Trials Participant - Ken Douglass
In the fall of 1999, my brother-in-law was found to have a mass in his pancreas. After an unsuccessful Whipple surgery, he enrolled in a clinical trial using radiation plus chemotherapy. This shrunk the tumor so a second Whipple surgery was successful.  He lived 12 more years and passed from stomach cancer.Then, in January of 2013, I had a CT scan following abdominal surgery that showed a mass on my pancreas. After a biopsy confirmed that this was cancerous, I was enrolled in a clinical trial consisting of chemotherapy before and...
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Survivor Stories - Clinical Trials Participant: Richard Valdes
It all started in late 2011 with a minor discomfort just above my stomach. When I went for my annual physical in February 2012, I mentioned my minor discomfort and my doctor got right on it. After almost a year of trying to diagnose my "gastric" discomfort, a blood test was done to check my liver activity. It was high, so in January of 2013 I had a CT scan. It was then that the mass on the tail of my pancreas was discovered. It was like a ton of bricks landed on my shoulders. The doctor was quick to add that it was isolated and surgery could remove...
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Caregiver Story: Mary Ellen Miller
My mother was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer in November of 2013.  The tumor had blocked her bile duct, resulting in surgery to place a stent in her bile duct for drainage.  After five attempts, the stent was finally placed.  Within one week the tumor started to evade and grow around the stent and we weren't quite sure how long she had to live, but it did not look promising and the doctor told us that he was going to try and make her as comfortable as possible. She began chemotherapy treatments in December of 2013 and completed her...
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Survivor Story: Michael Turek
I was diagnosed on September 30, 2013 with a tumor in the head of the pancreas with blood vessel involvement, but no spread to other organs.  Non-resectable.  Since then I have had treatment with a combination of three chemotherapy drugs for several months for 4-5 hours every two weeks, followed by 46 hours of being on a chemotherapy pump.  I then had radiation over 6 weeks.  Then I had more chemotherapy, this time a combination of two chemotherapy drugs for 2 months.  My CA 19-9 marker kept going down and is currently 45. Through all of this I...
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