Amy Vincenzi, PurpleStride Chair, Rhode Island Affiliate

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vam-Amy-VicenziAmy wants more people to know about pancreatic cancer in Rhode Island. She previously served as Teams Ambassador and stepped into the PurpleStride Chair role when her service was needed.

Leading a “small but mighty” volunteer team, she wants PurpleStride events, in particular, to be prominent and make an impact. She has a strong message of hope and positivity for those who are affected by pancreatic cancer.

“I believe in the mission of the organization,” she said. “I want PurpleStride Rhode Island to stand out and raise awareness and funds. I enjoy watching the events come together with our group of dedicated volunteers, fully engaged to fight this disease.”

Amy is turning her father’s diagnosis and illness into something positive.

“When my father was diagnosed in 2012, I felt very lost and did not know where to turn. I learned about the Rhode Island Affiliate at PurpleLight and I wanted to become involved. I knew I had to do what I could in my state to raise awareness, increase fundraising and to help others facing pancreatic cancer. Volunteering has been a source of strength for me during my father’s diagnosis and illness. I needed to turn my anger into something positive. Strangers come up to me and say I have given them hope after they’ve heard my dad and I speak at events. That’s what encourages me to continue.”