PanCAN’s Research Commitment

PanCAN is leading large-scale, groundbreaking research initiatives that will be the catalyst for transforming the way pancreatic cancer is detected and treated. No single pancreatic cancer organization has taken on such a comprehensive approach. As an unbiased stakeholder, PanCAN is uniquely positioned to bring together the nation’s key thought leaders and experts in pancreatic cancer research to help patients thrive.

With the help of generous donors, we fund our own research grants, and we also bring to life revolutionary clinical projects – all of which are making progress against pancreatic cancer. We’re changing the story. We’re changing the statistics – thanks to you.

Research Grants Program

You make it possible for us to offer grants for basic, translational and clinical research in pancreatic cancer that go to scientists and clinicians at various career levels. Since 2003, we’ve awarded 236 grants to 217 scientists at 78 institutions through a rigorous peer-review process that ensures the best science gets funded. Learn more.

Are you a researcher? Learn about funding opportunities, grants awarded and other resources.

Precision Promise Clinical Trial

PanCAN’s Precision Promise is a groundbreaking new approach to pancreatic cancer clinical trials, created to speed progress for patients by getting new and better treatments approved more quickly.

Early Detection Initiative

PanCAN’s Early Detection Initiative studies whether imaging at the time of new-onset diabetes leads to earlier detection of pancreatic cancer. The ultimate goal of the Early Detection Initiative is to rapidly accelerate progress for patients by developing an early detection screening method for pancreatic cancer.

Know Your Tumor®

PanCAN’s Know Your Tumor precision medicine research program provides eligible pancreatic cancer patients and their oncologists with information about their biology through biomarker testing of tumor tissue and genetic testing for inherited mutations. This gives patients and their doctor access to information about treatment options that are personalized to them.

Results from Know Your Tumor have shown that patients who are able to receive treatment that matches their tumor biology live an average of one year longer than patients who aren’t.

Patient Registry

PanCAN’s Patient Registry is a global online database created to look for patterns among patients. Information submitted by pancreatic cancer patients and caregivers can lead to better treatment options and improved outcomes.

We’re already learning from the experiences being shared through the Patient Registry: we published a paper about the appropriate use of pancreatic enzymes and how this helps manage patients’ symptoms and side effects.

SPARK Research Data Platform

PanCAN’s SPARK is a data integration and analytics platform that will accelerate research by breaking down data silos, making data easier to access and use, and encouraging open data sharing. SPARK will include data from our programs and services including Know Your Tumor, Precision Promise and the Early Detection Initiative.

What We've Accomplished Together

With approximately $208 million invested in research since 2003 and more than $34 million invested this year


Research grants funded through a competitive, peer–review process


Patients' tumors tested through our Know Your Tumor precision medicine service


Patients whose disease information has been collected in our Patient Registry.


Precision Promise sites open to enroll eligible patients across the country.

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Our Scientific and Medical Affairs team conducts independent and collaborative research to drive the progress that will improve patients’ lives.

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