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Pancreatic cancer patients who participate in clinical research have better outcomes. Every treatment available today was approved through a clinical trial. PanCAN strongly recommends clinical trials at diagnosis and during every treatment decision.

PanCAN maintains the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of pancreatic cancer clinical trials available in the United States. There are two ways you can access this free information to receive available clinical trials that might be right for you:

PanCAN Patient Services

You can speak to a PanCAN Patient Services Case Manager who can run a personalized clinical trials search. They will base the search on information you provide, such as how far you’re willing to travel, your diagnosis and your treatment history.
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Clinical Trial Finder

Start your own search using PanCAN’s Clinical Trial Finder. Enter your information in this easy-to-use online tool to receive a list of clinical trials that match what you need. You can select the trials you’re interested in and request additional information from PanCAN Patient Services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial?

Precision Promise is an adaptive clinical trial sponsored by PanCAN. The novel clinical trial platform efficiently tests new therapies for their effectiveness in treating patients with pancreatic cancer.

PanCAN brings together leading experts and stakeholders – researchers, clinicians, industry and pancreatic cancer thought-leaders – to make this historic initiative possible with the goal to bring new treatment options to patients.

Who can enroll in PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial?

If a patient is interested in enrolling in PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial, they will need to consult with their oncologist/healthcare team. A patient’s treating physician can determine if they are eligible to enroll. A patient would have to go to one of the open Precision Promise sites to enroll in the trial.

The trial will enroll patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer who have either received no treatment in the metastatic setting (first line), or who have only received one prior treatment for their cancer in the metastatic setting (second line).

What treatment options will be included in PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial?

Multiple treatment arms will be simultaneously tested through PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial and compared to multiple standard of care therapies. In addition to investigating potential new treatment therapies, Precision Promise will also be investigating supportive care measures.

What is supportive care?

Supportive care involves treatments given to manage symptoms and side effects of a disease. PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial will include investigational supportive care measures designed to learn more about factors that contribute to a patient’s quality of life like pain management, pancreatic exocrine insufficiency management, and patient activity.

Where is PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial located, and when will the sites open?

There are over 20 Clinical Trial Consortium sites across the United States. The Clinical Trial Consortium page will continue to be updated as additional sites open.

For additional questions about clinical trials or other topics related to a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, contact PanCAN Patient Services or ask your doctor to contact PanCAN Patient Services.

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