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In 1999, when the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) was founded, there were only a handful of scientists focused on pancreatic cancer, and research funding opportunities were scarce.

Today, thanks in large part to our donors and supporters, there is a growing and robust pancreatic cancer scientific community that knows more about the disease than ever before.

Research Grants Program

Through a peer-review grants process, we fund innovative research. Since 2003, we have awarded 236 grants to 217 scientists at 78 institutions. Meet our newest recipients, learn more about all our past grantees and read the latest stories about our grantees and their work.

Leveraging Donor Dollars

Since 2003, PanCAN, working in partnership with generous donors, has invested approximately $208 million, including our competitive Research Grants Program and leading-edge scientific and clinical initiatives.

For every $1 we invested in our grant recipients from 2003 to 2019, they were able to go on to receive an average of $11.50 in subsequent funding to support their research.

This funding growth indicates that we are building a pipeline of pancreatic cancer investigators, researchers are staying in the field, and we are leveraging our donors' dollars to advance progress. Learn more about our competitive research grants program.

Bringing More Federal Research Dollars to the Field

PanCAN drives legislative support for increased federal research funding, which is critical because 80% of all pancreatic cancer research funding comes from federal sources.

Research Grants Database

PanCAN launched its Research Grants Program in 2003. Search our database to find grant recipients and projects categorized by year, type or topic.

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