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Z Gallerie, the national, family-owned lifestyle retailer with 57 stores in 20 states, has generously supported the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network since 2003 through numerous cause-related marketing promotions.

The Zeiden family, which includes siblings Joe Zeiden, Mike Zeiden and Carole Malfatti, founded the company in Sherman Oaks, Calif., 35 years ago, and became involved with us as a tribute to their mother, Shirley Zeiden, who died from the disease in 2002. To date, they have donated more than $600,000 to our organization.

“In June of 2002 our mom, Shirley Zeiden, died from pancreatic cancer. From the moment she was diagnosed we did everything we could to not only support her and help her fight this horrific disease, but also to learn about it. However, in a period of six short months she died, leaving us heartbroken and asking what more could have been done,” said Mike Zeiden, Co-Founder of Z Gallerie. “Today, there are still too many families who, like ours, are left questioning why there are still no early detection tools or treatments for pancreatic cancer. That’s why Z Gallerie and my family support the work of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. As the rate of incidence only continues to rise we need more action, more support and definitely more awareness.”

For more information about Z Gallerie, visit www.zgallerie.com.