Spotlight on Clinical Trials: A PanCAN Conversation WATCH RECORDING

PanCAN President and CEO Julie Fleshman, JD, MBA, hosts this event featuring PanCAN's Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, an expert physician-scientist, a PanCAN Patient Services manager and a pancreatic cancer survivor. Topics include:

  • The basics of clinical trials, including what a clinical trial is, why they are important and why PanCAN recommends them as a critical treatment option
  • How a person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer can find and enroll in a clinical trial
  • The latest innovations in the clinical trial space, including new types of trials
  • Why it’s important to have a diverse patient population enrolling in clinical trials
  • The key role of PanCAN Patient Services in supporting patients with pancreatic cancer and their caregivers


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Julie M. Fleshman, JD, MBA

PanCAN President and CEO, leading the way for more than two decades in PanCAN’s approach to take bold steps to make progress in pancreatic cancer research and improve patient outcomes

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Anna Berkenblit, MD, MMSc

PanCAN Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, responsible for the organization’s overall scientific and clinical strategy, including PanCAN-sponsored studies, research grants, health data, business development and patient services

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Colin D. Weekes, MD, PhD, FASCO

Director, Pancreatic Cancer Research, The Tucker Gosnell Center for Gastrointestinal Cancers at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center; Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; member of PanCAN’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board

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Rohail Hameed

PanCAN Patient Services Manager who speaks with pancreatic cancer patients about treatment options including clinical trials

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Steven Merlin

Pancreatic cancer survivor, member of PanCAN’s Survivor Council

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