If you have pancreatic cancer, there's one question that's always on your mind: WHAT DO I DO NOW?

From diagnosis through every treatment decision, the Right Track has your answers. PanCAN Patient Services can provide free, personal one-to-one support and personalized resources at every step.

The Right Track model focuses on key steps any cancer patient should take to ensure the best treatment outcome. For pancreatic cancer patients, the approach involves the following:

Right Team

See a Specialist to Improve Your Outcome: Seeing pancreatic cancer specialists, physicians who diagnose and treat a high volume of pancreatic cancer patients, improves outcomes. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) strongly recommends you consult with pancreatic cancer specialists who have experience diagnosing and treating the disease.

Right Tests

Know All Your Treatment Options: Every pancreatic tumor is different. Patients who receive treatment based on their tumor’s biological characteristics have better outcomes. PanCAN strongly recommends molecular profiling of your tumor to help determine the best treatment options.

Right Treatment

Consider Clinical Trials at Every Treatment Decision: Pancreatic cancer patients who participate in clinical research have better outcomes. Every treatment available today was approved through a clinical trial. PanCAN strongly recommends clinical trials at diagnosis and during every treatment decision.


Get 1:1 Support

PanCAN Patient Services is the first place to call after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer or at any point in your journey. PanCAN Patient Services can help provide information for any question you have about pancreatic cancer. They can also help you navigate the most critical decisions you'll need to make. Contact PanCAN Patient Services for personalized support.