Pancreatic cancer patients who participate in clinical research have better outcomes1. Clinical trials can advance research and improve treatment options. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) offers clinical trials information personalized for you and your patients.

1PanCAN's Public Statements for Healthcare Professionals, including references.

PanCAN saves you time by helping you find the most current clinical trials information – for free.

We maintain the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of pancreatic cancer clinical trials available in the United States. There are two ways you can access this information to receive available clinical trials that match your patients' needs:

PanCAN Patient Services

Our team can run a search for you and provide a list of clinical trials personalized to your patient.

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Clinical Trial Finder (CTF)

Run your own search for clinical trials that match your patient's needs by inputting their type and stage of pancreatic cancer, treatment history and geographic location. Create a free CTF account to see full eligibility and site information and to save, download, email or print the search results.

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The Clinical Trial Finder also has a general search feature that allows you to readily:

• See which pancreatic cancer clinical trials are currently enrolling patients

• Search for pancreatic cancer-specific clinical trials meeting certain criteria, including geography, institution, drug names, drug targets, sponsors and other attributes

• Understand where there are needs for clinical trials for specific disease types and stages – particularly helpful if you are designing a clinical trial

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Conducting a pancreatic cancer clinical trial?

Submit your clinical trial details to so we can add it to our database.

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