Tools for Your Advocacy Journey

You're in the right place if:

  • You want to make an impact and increase federal funding for pancreatic cancer research
  • You want to refresh your civics knowledge and learn more about how your advocacy efforts work to create change at the local and national level
  • You'd like to personally connect with your members of Congress or their staff
  • You're looking for facts and figures to share with your members of Congress

Start here: Advocacy 101

These resources are designed to get you started on your journey to becoming a successful PanCAN advocate. They provide you with a solid foundation and understanding of the importance of advocacy and how Congress works. And most importantly, the toolkit shows the power of your voice and our collective impact.

Advocacy 101 toolkit

Next Step: Keep Your Resources Handy

Sharing your story is the most impactful way to make a difference, but your story is just the first step in building a relationship with your members of Congress and making an ask. Use these handy fact sheets as a tool to guide you through meetings — a cheat sheet with facts and figures you won’t have to memorize! And if you’re meeting in person, just leave them behind as a reminder to Congress of what we are asking for.

DoD Fact Sheet NIH & NCI Fact Sheet Pancreatic Cancer Facts

Finally: Advocate Throughout the Year

It’s never the wrong place or time to become a PanCAN advocate. You don’t need to be in Washington, D.C., to connect with your members of Congress and build relationships with their staff. These community resources are designed to provide you with what you need to engage with members of Congress in your district and state. You can and will make a difference, today!

Advocate in Your Community


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