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We made it to the Top 100 and are now in the Final Round in the Chase Community Giving campaign and we have an incredible opportunity to win a $1 million grant from Chase for pancreatic cancer research. The $1 million prize will be awarded to the charity with the most votes during the period from January 15-22. Your vote can make the difference!

Please VOTE and ask ALL of your friends & family to vote too!

It is so easy to get started and place your vote. It take less than one minute for you to chase what matters to you most: finding a cure for pancreatic cancer.

Q: Is this unique giveaway legitimate?
A: Yes! Chase Bank will be awarding $1 million to the charity with the most votes in the final round.

Q: Do I need to donate anything to participate?
A: No! You just have to vote for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Q: Does the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network really have a chance at winning?
A: We are thrilled we made it into the Top 100 in Round 1 and are equally excited to participate in the final round! We are finding that despite the gloomy economic situation, people still care very passionately about pancreatic cancer. Our supporters voted and helped us secure a spot in the Top 100 and we feel confident that we have a really good shot of making it into the top position to win the $1 million grant. LET’S GO FOR IT!

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