Brian Hall, Volunteer Chair, Cincinnati Affiliate

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vam-Brian-HallBrian is determined to create a better future for those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer through his volunteerism. He also volunteers to honor his uncle who passed from the disease.

He is particularly passionate about interacting with and meeting new volunteers who want to join the affiliate.

“I knew I would get to work with many great volunteers in this role. They are selfless, determined and driven to beat the odds. These are people who are willing to donate their time so patients and caregivers receive the help and support they need.”

Hall focuses on making connections with others. As a Volunteer Chair, he has maximized one of the key functions of the position: building relationships. The relationships he has built have turned into friendships that have enhanced his life.

“I have developed friendships with so many great people during my years as a volunteer. Friendships made in this organization strengthen the collaborative and team-oriented nature of all affiliates.”