Cathy Schwandt, Community Engagement Chair, Columbus Affiliate

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Cathy-SchwandtCathy is enthusiastic about educating her community about pancreatic cancer. As a survivor, she has a unique perspective on the experiences patients go through and this allows her to give back in a way that is both fulfilling for her and the people with whom she interacts.

“My goal is to help people going through what I went through, to raise awareness and advocate. I want to educate people about this deadly disease so if it happens to them or someone they know, they won’t be blindsided as most of us were in the beginning.”

Her prior experience leading volunteer committees for Susan G. Komen allows her to apply what she learned there and be an asset to her affiliate. When asked how volunteering has enriched her life, she reflected on how she has benefitted both professionally and on a personal level.

“I have benefitted from volunteering in many ways. On a professional level, I have become a better communicator and am able to speak in front of large groups. Volunteering has given me an appreciation for what I have and helps me put everything in perspective. I am thankful every day for the good health I enjoy.”