Janice Griffin, Affiliate Chair, Boston Affiliate

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vam-Janice-GriffinJanice is passionate about helping others. She volunteers to honor her mother, who passed away from pancreatic cancer. She previously served as Volunteer Chair, often being the first point of contact for new volunteers and patients. She has since stepped up to lead as Affiliate Chair.

“The Boston Affiliate has become my community and support system. I am able to channel my skills and passion in a positive manner. Volunteering makes me feel especially close to my mom. I Wage Hope for a cure because she no longer can.”

As a teacher, Griffin has sharp eye for recognizing people’s unique skills and talents. She shares good advice to new volunteers just starting out:

“I would encourage new volunteers to find a way to use their personal interests and skills to contribute as much as possible. This is an organization that will allow you to be yourself and pursue interests related to your skillset and personal goals. You’ll embrace the feeling of community, passion and commitment.”