Joyce Worley, Community Advocate, South Carolina Affiliate

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vam-JoyceWorleyJoyce found a fulfilling connection with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network community through her volunteer work. She is able to raise awareness and Wage Hope in honor of her son.

“This terrible disease took away my son, whom I loved very much,” Joyce said. “But many wonderful people have come into my life and have become friends because of my tragic loss, and all of us are bound together by the hope of curing this devastating cancer. My volunteer experience has helped me connect with my purple community, and I am grateful for the love and support we find in each other.”

Joyce recommends others volunteer because it gives you a sense of pride and gives you something to be passionate about. When you Wage Hope by giving back, she said, you can turn any negative emotion into something positive by being of service to others.

“It can also help put your anger and hurt to constructive use. The anger becomes motivation and hurt becomes desire to Wage Hope for everyone who’s been through a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.”