Kandi Wood, Volunteer Chair, Detroit Affiliate

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vam-Kandi-WoodKandi joined the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network volunteer team after her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and lost his battle to the disease.

“After my husband was diagnosed, I did my research,” she said. “I found out how devastating the disease was and then watched it take down an otherwise very healthy man. When you’re in this position, as the wife and caregiver, you hope to do everything possible with what’s available to save your loved one. I found out how short our list of options was. You can’t walk away from that, you have to get involved and continue to fight.”

Kandi served as Advocacy Chair for five years before assuming her recent position of Volunteer Chair. In this role, she serves as the first point of contact for new volunteers looking to get started. She looks forward to welcoming and onboarding new volunteers, collaborating with other core roles to identify the needs and interests of those volunteers and building relationships. Her enthusiasm for changing the statistics and her case for volunteers joining the fight is compelling.

“Society needs to become aware of the facts, and volunteers need to know that we need them.  We need to prevent this cancer from going down the devastating path it’s on. There is power in numbers, and one can’t complain about the facts unless they’re willing to stand up and fight for a cure!”