Rachael Sandahl, Media Relations Chair, San Antonio Affiliate

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Rachael-SandahlWhen Rachael attended Purplestride San Antonio in 2012, she felt she was being called by her grandmother, who passed away in 2007, to be more involved. Today she volunteers in honor and in memory of her.

As the Media Relations Chair, Rachael enjoys bringing the community together and meeting new people with whom they can all share stories for comfort and for inspiration.

“Through volunteering, I’ve gained a better understanding and respect for volunteers (the time and energy everyone puts in!). I feel good about myself, too, doing something powerful and not expecting anything in return. Sure, we all want to be recognized for our hard work, but that is not why I go the extra mile to get things done. I do it for my grandmother, for the survivors and for the many who have been affected by this terrible disease. That is a reward within itself. If you are passionate about the cause, you won’t think twice about giving up a little extra time to help increase awareness and raise funds to hopefully one day end pancreatic cancer.”