Shannon Gardner, Volunteer Chair, Charlotte Affiliate

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Shannon-GardnerShannon is known for her caring and responsive disposition, always reaching out to others in need and always offering up a helping hand. She is passionate about the organization’s vision and is focused on raising awareness and educating people about the disease.

“I am a part of a compassionate and knowledgeable group of people that want to create change for those affected by pancreatic cancer. The knowledge I have gained, the people I have met and the experiences at events are far beyond my dreams! I have been blessed and hope that my contributions have been a blessing.”

She learned about the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network after she lost her mom to the disease. Gardner joins the fight in her mother’s memory and is determined to spread the word about the work of the organization. She wants people to know the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network can provide support if they have been affected by pancreatic cancer.

“You never know who might be affected – if not now, in the future. It isn’t a fun subject to talk about, but by communicating our message of hope, you open doors. Giving back to the community by fighting back gives you a sense of accomplishment.”