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An Investment in Action

The RAISE THE CURE Research Portfolio consists of rich grant mechanisms that allow for different types of scientific ideas to rise to the top through a peer-review system and collaborative research tools and resources for the scientific community. This is a research investment portfolio, not an endowment. Every dollar raised will be immediately deployed into the best scientific ideas including basic science, early detection, therapeutics, clinical trials development, biomarkers and epidemiology.

Career Development. One challenge faced by the pancreatic cancer research community is the shortage of funding for early-career scientists interested in pancreatic cancer. Career Development, Fellowship, and Pathway to Leadership Awards address the inadequate number of investigators devoted to this disease by directly supporting early-career investigators, thus encouraging them to remain in pancreatic cancer research. These awards allow for the exploration of innovative ideas and the gathering of data necessary to prove their merit. Such proof is necessary for researchers to apply for larger federal grants from the NCI. Therefore, these career development grants serve both as stepping stones to major federal support and catalysts for innovation. They also ensure that we will have a cadre of scientists dedicated to pancreatic cancer research to advance the field into the future.

Innovation. Research funding for innovative ideas is scarce. Researchers face significant challenges in securing support for hypotheses without background data. Pancreatic cancer is a field in particular where we need new and innovative ideas to advance the science. The only way to launch new research ideas and obtain background data is through pilot studies. Our Innovative Grants (formerly Pilot Grants) for basic, translational, or clinical science speed the progress of new pancreatic cancer research discoveries and foster pioneering ideas. The important data generated with these Innovative Grants provides the foundation for grantees to subsequently obtain more significant federal grants and take their ideas to where they are needed most—the patients.

Collaborative Research Tools and Resources. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is uniquely positioned to offer collective tools and resources for the pancreatic cancer scientific community at-large. Through our extensive personal contact with researchers, the National Cancer Institute, clinicians, patients, and caregivers, we understand the needs and challenges faced from all perspectives.