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Scientific Summit

In August 2007, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network hosted a major scientific summit bringing together the world’s leading pancreatic cancer investigators, as well as other luminaries of the biological sciences, to undertake an interactive discussion of opportunities and challenges facing pancreatic cancer research during the next five year period.

Objectives of the Summit:

  • A succinct review of current information and concepts relating to the biology of pancreatic cancer.
  • A discussion as to how this information can be translated into new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease.
  • A compilation of recommendations for implementation.

Format of the Summit:

  • A small group of experts (40-50) from relevant basic and clinical science disciplines, including selected investigators who have made advances in other cancers, assembled for interactive discussion.
  • The intent was not to duplicate the format of other conferences where presentations simply provide summaries of current research and reviews. The agenda dedicated a substantial amount of time for extensive interactive discussions for purposes of providing recommendations as to which available findings from basic research merit implementation and validation in clinical settings.


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