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Grants classified within this field of interest focus on understanding how to prevent pancreatic cancer. According to the Common Scientific Outline, these projects deal with one or more of the following research topics: (1) interventions to prevent cancer: personal behaviors that affect cancer risk; (2) nutritional science in cancer prevention; (3) chemoprevention; (4) vaccines; (5) complementary and alternative prevention approaches; and (6) resources and infrastructure related to prevention. Click below to learn about these grants.

2012 The Daniel and Janet Mordecai Foundation – Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – AACR Career Development Award
Jiyoung Ahn, PhD
New York University
Oral Microbiome and Pancreatic Cancer: A Prospective Case-Control Study

2008 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – AACR Pilot Grant
Dafna Bar-Sagi, PhD
New York University School of Medicine
Impact of Diet-Induced Hyperlipidemia on Pancreatic Inflammation and Cancer

2012 Samuel Stroum – Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – AACR Fellowship
Florencia McAllister, MD
Johns Hopkins University
Role of Inflammatory Cells in Early Pancreatic Tumorigenesis

2007 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Pilot Grant
Pinku Mukherjee, PhD
Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale
Development of Immune-Modulating Therapies Delivered Directly to the Pancreatic Tumor Site

2003 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – AACR Career Development Award
C. Max Schmidt, MD, PhD
Indiana University
The Chemopreventive Role of Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors in Pancreatic Tumorigenesis