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Learn about important scientific topics in pancreatic cancer research.

Scientists Offer a Glimpse into Exciting Trends in Pancreatic Cancer Research
Potentially lifesaving research is taking place in laboratories across the country. Scientists now have more knowledge and better tools to look at pancreatic cancer from new and promising angles. Learn more.

A Multi-step Approach to Diagnosing Pancreatic Cancer Earlier
Learn more about the current state of pancreatic cancer research focused on early detection, and the process by which a novel early detection tool needs to be tested and proven effective.

Clinical trials begin in the laboratory
The ideas and rationale for most clinical trials start with experiments conducted on laboratory benches. Read more.

The Importance of Good Communication: Cell Signaling and How it Relates to Cancer
An important focus of study within cancer research is called signal transduction. Basically, all of the cells in the body need external and internal signals to tell them what to do – grow, move, secrete something, live, die, etc. Read more.

Modeling Pancreatic Cancer in the Laboratory
In order for researchers to make progress studying pancreatic cancer, they need strategies to model the disease in the laboratory setting. The most commonly used tools to study pancreatic cancer are cell lines, xenograft mouse models, and genetically engineered mice. Read more.

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