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Editor’s Note: At 11 years old, Marcelino Canuas II proves you are never too young to WAGE HOPE! He has been volunteering with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network since he was 6. He was recently asked to write a school essay about the importance of community service, and out of 900 fifth-graders, his essay won 1st place! He will receive an award from the superintendent at a school board meeting this month. Marcelino II is the son of Elizabeth and Marcelino Canuas, who are both volunteer leaders in the Phoenix Affiliate of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. His younger brother and sister also support the cause, so volunteering is a family affair!

Marcelino II (center) with his family at PurpleStride Phoenix 2015.

I have been doing community service for the last 5 years with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. I volunteer with this organization because my Grandma and Grandpa died of pancreatic cancer. I like to volunteer because it is good to help people in need and to raise money to help scientists make medicine to help patients with pancreatic cancer. I go to meetings once a month, with my parents and other volunteers, to plan for our big events that raise money. One event coming up is the Phoenix PurpleStride on April 9. Before the event, I help fold all the t-shirts for the event, there are over 1600 people expected to attend this year.  At the event, I help in the Kids Zone and I run the 5K. I also help set up and clean up at the end. Last year we raised over $115,000 for pancreatic cancer research.

Community service is important because you can help other people. Some people are not able to do certain things and by helping them you could be making a difference in their life.  It is important for kids to do community service because instead of sitting around and playing video games they can bring more meaning to their life.

Marcelino Canuas
5th grade/Mr. Halley

You can WAGE HOPE as a family in the fight against pancreatic cancer, too. Get involved today!