Michael Goggins, MD

Michael Goggins, MD

Michael Goggins, MD, leads early detection pancreatic cancer screening research projectFinding out that you have a cyst on your pancreas is a terrifying moment of uncertainty. What are the chances of the cyst becoming cancer? How soon should I take action and start treatment?

To date, doctors have been unable to answer these questions with much certainty. To better identify cancer sooner, the Skip Viragh Inaugural Research Acceleration Network Grant was awarded to Michael Goggins, MD, and his team of co-principal investigators, in 2013.

Dr. Goggins and his research team are looking at the “juice” (fluid) from pancreatic cysts and determining the genetic features that predict the likelihood of progressing to cancer or remaining benign. Using this information in their high-risk screening program that is active at sites throughout the country, this research will improve outcomes for patients with pancreatic cancer while also sparing those with benign cysts from invasive procedures and toxic treatments.

Did you know?

  • Since 2003, we’ve awarded over $35 million through a competitive peer-reviewed process -- including 142 grants to 143 researchers at 55 institutions across the country.
  • Over our first decade of funding research, we supported 92 grantees who went on to publish 1,191 articles in peer-reviewed journals, cited more than 13,000 times. These grantees have leveraged each $1 from us to gain $8.28 in subsequent pancreatic cancer research funding.
  • New grantees will be announced in the summer of 2017. New grant opportunities open in fall of 2017.

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