Heading to the Farmer’s Market? Don’t let August slip by without making a trip, and let our guide to all things in season pull you in the direction of delicious, seasonal and good-for-you produce that’s around for a limited time only.

Many fruits and vegetables are at their peak in August. Yes, all produce has a “ripe” time, and it’s best to always eat what’s in season. Whether you’re a cancer patient, or someone who is just looking to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet, bear in mind that growing season varies across the country.

Here are a few items that you should be able to find – as well as a more complete list of what’s in season in your region. Happy shopping!

· Bell Peppers
· Beets
· Cantaloupe
· Carrots
· Chard
· Corn
· Cucumbers
· Figs
· Garlic
· Grapes
· Green beans
· Limes
· Mangoes
· Melons
· Nectarines
· Okra
· Onions
· Peaches
· Peas
· Potatoes
· Radishes
· Raspberries
· Strawberries
· Summer squash
· Tomatoes
· Watermelon
· Zucchini

Are you a pancreatic cancer patient or caregiver? You can access comprehensive disease information, including diet and nutrition tips, recipes and a booklet on the subject – all reviewed and approved by renowned leaders in the field by contacting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s one-on-one PanCAN Patient Services support service by phone or email.

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