Tara Seery, M.D., Medical Director, Hepatobiliary Cancer and Co-Director of Cellular Therapy at Hoag Family Cancer Institute, speaks at PurpleStride Orange County 2024.

As a long-standing sponsor of PanCAN PurpleStride Orange County, Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s physicians, researchers, nurse navigators and entire care team wholeheartedly support PanCAN s mission to raise funds and awareness for research, advocacy, education and awareness of pancreatic cancer.

As Orange County’s top choice for cancer care, Hoag Family Cancer Institute provides our patients comprehensive care, including screening programs, early detection and treatment and genetic testing. We also offer multidisciplinary care, innovative clinical trials and support to patients and their families and caregivers in hopes of a brighter tomorrow.

PurpleStride Orange County participants on the route.

“Taking part in PanCAN PurpleStride is always a highlight of my year,” says Tara Seery, M.D., medical director of hepatobiliary cancer and co-director of cellular therapy at Hoag Family Cancer Institute. “The walk is a time for our pancreatic cancer community of patients, caregivers and family members to gather and truly feel the sense of community among all of us who are so deeply invested in working toward a cure for pancreatic cancer.”

When faced with pancreatic cancer, at Hoag, you are not alone. Hoag’s subspecialty-trained, multidisciplinary team of medical oncologists, hepatobiliary surgeons and radiation oncologists are specifically focused on cancers of the GI tract. Through ongoing clinical research, Hoag Family Cancer Institute offers innovative therapies that bring new hope to pancreatic cancer patients.

Our team of subspecialty trained and board-certified medical oncologists and surgeons focus specifically on GI and pancreatic cancers. Our physicians are also leading the charge in early-phase clinical research. Through innovative clinical research, Hoag physicians explore the efficacy of new drugs, therapies, medical devices and clinical and surgical methods – ensuring patients have access to the most advanced treatments available. With a range of available trials for pancreatic cancer, Hoag’s clinical trials exceed the typical standard of care offered elsewhere.

Since last year’s PurpleStride, Hoag has welcomed two new hepatobiliary surgeons to our program. Ronald Wolf, M.D., F.A.C.S., has joined Hoag as medical director of hepatobiliary and pancreas surgery. The fellowship-trained, board-certified surgical oncologist specializes in pancreatic cancer. With a focus on rare and difficult-to-treat cancers, such as pancreatic adenocarcinoma, Dr. Wolf said he was drawn to Hoag for its culture of innovation and its patient-centric, team-based approach to care.

Celebrating Survivors at PurpleStride Orange County

“Hoag’s fearlessness in pioneering new approaches to care, coupled with the institution’s nimbleness, has earned it a reputation for allowing doctors to really put patients first,” Dr. Wolf said. “I am excited to be part of a comprehensive team that is at the forefront of patient-centric pancreatic cancer care.”

Jarred Forrester, M.D., has also joined Hoag as a general surgeon and fellowship-trained hepatobiliary and pancreas surgeon. He focuses on both benign and malignant diseases of the pancreas with advanced training in minimally invasive techniques.

Our subspecialized team of medical oncologists and surgeons employs the latest diagnostics and therapies including the ViewRay MRIdian linear accelerator, an adaptive radiotherapy treatment that enables doctors to make adjustments on the spot – reducing side effects while also maintaining the optimal dose of radiation.

Accurate diagnosis and advanced, noninvasive treatment options are key to treating pancreatic cancer. Hoag’s advanced imaging techniques, precise endoscopic diagnosis and staging, as well as noninvasive endoscopic treatment methods mean patients receive the very best care.

Not all pancreatic cysts become cancerous. For the ones that do, Hoag has developed a Pancreatic Cyst Surveillance Program to monitor cysts for changes that may be concerning. Our multidisciplinary team uses advanced imaging and molecular testing to distinguish between harmless, pre-malignant and cancerous cysts – empowering patients to take action early.

Learn more about Hoag’s comprehensive program at hoag.org/cancer.

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