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Today, the pancreatic cancer community learned that the Phase 2b vaccine clinical trial ECLIPSE, sponsored by Aduro Biotech, did not meet the primary endpoint of an improvement in overall survival for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer who received at least two prior therapies.

The ECLIPSE trial, which enrolled 303 patients in the United States and Canada with metastatic disease, tested GVAX Pancreas and CRS-207, two cancer vaccines modified to stimulate the body’s immune response against tumor cells.

The three-arm study compared results from patients who were either given a chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, the CRS-207 vaccine or the CRS-207 vaccine in combination with the GVAX vaccine and cyclophosphamide chemotherapy.

“This is an unexpected outcome, and we are disappointed particularly for the pancreatic cancer patients who are in need of additional treatment options,” said Stephen T. Isaacs, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Aduro in a press release issued this morning. “We would like to thank the patients and their families, investigators and staff involved in this Phase 2b trial for their support and participation in this study.”

Clinical trials often provide the best treatment options and give patients early-access to cutting-edge treatments that can lead to progress in research, improved treatment options for more patients and better outcomes.

“Though this news is disappointing, we recognize that clinical trials are the only way to make advances in the treatment of pancreatic cancer,” said Julie Fleshman, JD, MBA, our president and CEO. “To make sure we continue to learn important information that will change treatments in the future, we strongly encourage all pancreatic cancer patients to consider clinical trials as a treatment option, even at diagnosis.”

Pancreatic cancer patients can search for available trials using our Clinical Trial Finder, the most comprehensive database of pancreatic cancer trials in the United States. And, our PanCAN Patient Services Case Managers can conduct a personalized clinical trials search for patients and provide in-depth information about the trials the patient may be eligible for.

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