Happy New Year!

I am excited to share with you an update about Precision Promise, our adaptive clinical trial platform that is sponsored by PanCAN and was developed to accelerate new treatments for pancreatic cancer patients.

After four years of operation and key learnings, we recently made the decision to re-evaluate the study to determine if there were opportunities to innovate and scale the study as well as create more operational efficiencies.  As a result, PanCAN is pleased to announce today that it has formed a strategic alliance with the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research (GCAR), a non-profit organization who specializes in sponsoring innovative trials, including master protocols and adaptive platform trials. This alliance will leverage features from Precision Promise to launch the next phase of this groundbreaking effort, a new master protocol for pancreatic cancer sponsored by GCAR. The alliance aims to continue to accelerate research for new treatment options in pancreatic cancer.

PanCAN will continue to treat and follow patients currently enrolled in Precision Promise until the study’s completion and then will close the current Precision Promise platform.  GCAR will launch and sponsor a next generation platform trial with PanCAN as the patient advocacy partner.  PanCAN made the decision to collaborate with GCAR to take advantage of the strengths of both organizations to pursue the long-term sustainability of a new pancreatic cancer clinical trial platform for patients. We are excited about GCAR’s investment in pancreatic cancer and believe that GCAR’s impressive track record of innovating, operationalizing, and implementing the modernization of new clinical trial designs will drive and accelerate progress for patients with pancreatic cancer.

The new study sponsored by GCAR will build upon the valuable insights gained by PanCAN to date and enlists GCAR’s extensive experience in conducting patient-centric master protocols and adaptive platform trials. PanCAN’s unparalleled disease expertise, relationships with the pancreatic cancer community, and PanCAN’s Patient Services program will continue to be pivotal to the new study and ensure that patients understand their treatment options. The goals of the alliance are increased efficiency and scalability through streamlined operations, the potential to expand the study to more sites,  broader access to diverse patient populations, and greater ability to attract pharmaceutical and biotech partners. Bringing the strengths of both organizations together in this way provides new opportunities for innovation, growth, and impact, and most importantly the advancement of new treatments for patients with pancreatic cancer.

PanCAN’s goal is to be bold, innovate and remove barriers to accelerate progress for patients. Precision Promise reflects these goals. We are extremely proud of the investment and progress we have made with Precision Promise. It has been established as a powerful model with the potential to accelerate new treatments for pancreatic cancer. This new alliance will optimize capability and efficiencies so PanCAN can continue to invest in other areas of unmet need across the pancreatic cancer research field.

I am so appreciative to everyone that has played a part in this groundbreaking initiative, especially our donors and volunteers who are the most committed, generous and passionate and share our vision of creating a world where all pancreatic cancer patients thrive. I look forward to the outcomes from the current Precision Promise study and to our collaboration with GCAR on the new study. With you by our side, we have no doubt that we will continue to innovate and be bold, while always looking forward to what comes next in our journey to transform outcomes for patients.

With gratitude,

Julie Fleshman, JD, MBA
President and CEO

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