PanCAN Board Chair Hilarie Koplow-McAdams

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) welcomes Hilarie Koplow-McAdams as the new chair of its board of directors, Karen Young, CPA as its new vice chair, and Dennis Cronin and Nancy Stagliano, Ph.D., as its newest board members. PanCAN gratefully acknowledges the leadership of Jeanne Ruesch as she steps down from her four-year term as board chair.

Having all been personally affected by pancreatic cancer, PanCAN’s board members are deeply committed to accelerating progress against the disease.

PanCAN Vice Chair Karen Young, CPA

Vice Chair Karen Young, CPA

Koplow-McAdams has been a member of PanCAN‘s board of directors since 2016, previously serving as vice chair. She brings a wealth of business expertise in growth strategy, marketing and business development from three decades spent at growth-stage technology companies, serving in operations and board roles. She serves in honor of her father, who died from pancreatic cancer in 2012, less than two years after his diagnosis.

Young is the new vice chair of PanCAN’s board of directors. She joined the board in in 2018. background is in Life Sciences and she is currently serving as PwC’s U.S. Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Leader. She brings 23 years of professional and strategic development experience to her distinguished board role. Young lost both her father and aunt to pancreatic cancer, leading her to fiercely support PanCAN’s mission.

PanCAN Board Member Nancy Stagliano, Ph.D.

Board Member Nancy Stagliano, Ph.D.

“We are so lucky to have two strong and strategic female executives serving as key leaders on PanCAN’s of directors,” Fleshman said. “They will help PanCAN navigate to our next level of growth as we strive to reach new, ambitious goals and dramatically improve patient outcomes.”

Stagliano and Cronin also contribute vast business experience to their PanCAN board roles.

Stagliano is an accomplished serial biotechnology entrepreneur, currently serving as Executive Chair of Neuron23, a venture-backed company discovering and developing therapeutics for genetically driven neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. She is passionate in her support for PanCAN after losing her mother to pancreatic cancer.

PanCAN Board Member Dennis Cronin

Board Member Dennis Cronin

Cronin, a 10-year pancreatic cancer survivor, served as a member of PanCAN’s Survivor Council for four years. The Survivor Council is a group of volunteers created to ensure the survivor’s voice, experience and expertise are integrated into PanCAN’s programs and initiatives. Cronin is currently Senior Vice President Treasure Service and Chief Risk Officer at Highmark Health.

“Nancy’s incredible expertise in the biotechnology field and Dennis’ background in risk management provide additional expertise to an extremely talented group of board members,” Fleshman said. “I am grateful to all of our board members for their incredible support and the advice they provide to the organization.”

Previous PanCAN Chair Jeanne Ruesch

Previous Chair Jeanne Ruesch

Previous chair Ruesch has been a member of PanCAN’s board of directors since 2011 and had been chair since 2016. Ruesch founded and served as chair of the Ruesch Family Foundation with her late husband, Otto, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2004. Prior to the founding, Ruesch was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Ruesch International, an international financial services company.

“Jeanne is a phenomenal leader and the organization experienced transformational change under her leadership,” said Fleshman. “Her partnership has supported us through the implementation of innovative research and clinical initiatives as well as incredible fundraising growth. I will be forever grateful to Jeanne for her powerful impact on changing outcomes for patients.”

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