Males on bikes taking part of PurpleStride events..

These PurpleStride participants cycled to raise money for pancreatic cancer research.

PanCAN Supporters Made Fall PurpleStride Events a Success Through Their Creativity

Woman and her dog participate in 22 PurpleStride events across the country.

Lori Malett, who lost her brother to pancreatic cancer, is participating in 22 PurpleStride events across the country.

Between September and November thousands of you attended 26 PanCAN PurpleStride events across the country. From Baltimore to San Diego, you combined your passion and imagination to show everyone affected by pancreatic cancer that nothing can stop you from raising awareness and funds for research and patient support.

Yes, things were different this fall because all PanCAN PurpleStride events were virtual, but you made different cool.

Between finding new ways to incorporate purple into your activities, to striding on a horse, you took your passion to new heights – seriously, some people hiked up pretty high.

Two PurpleStride participants ride their horses.

Why walk when you can ride a horse like these PurpleStride Boise participants did.

Lori Malett, whose brother Al passed away from pancreatic cancer in early 2018, took advantage of PurpleStride going virtual by setting a goal to participate in 22 PurpleStride events across the country. Why participate only in your local event when you finally have the ability to participate in all of them, from wherever you are!

Legs tired? Have you considered riding a horse as your PurpleStride activity? Some Striders did during PurpleStride Boise 2020 Presented by Idaho Gastroenterology Associates on Sept. 8. PurpleStride Boise set a goal of $50,000 but ended up bringing in almost double that. We’re curious if these horses helped Boise raise almost twice their fundraising goal.

Woman hiking during PanCAN’s PurpleStride

This Strider took her PurpleStride event to new heights.

Make PurpleStride your own Tour de France. We’re assuming the bikes used at PurpleStride San Diego 2020 Presented by UC San Diego Health Moores Cancer Center and Boise were decked out with purple handlebar streamers, purple bells and purple baskets adorned with purple flowers. PurpleStride San Diego set a goal of $140,000, but through your fundraising, brought in nearly $200,000!

Water? Check. Mask? Check. Scaling a mountain as your PurpleStride event? Totally doable. Don’t see hiking in your future? Here are other things you can scale as your PurpleStride activity: a hill, a steep incline, the stairs in your home.

PanCAN is grateful to everyone who participated in our fall PurpleStride events.

You are making change happen. See you in the spring!

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