My mother, Mary Ann, was diagnosed on Monday, February 27, 2012.  On February 8, 2013 she was cancer free.  2012 was a very trying year.  It all began with a trip to her primary care physician due to severe abdominal pain.  She compared it to that of a gallbladder attack.  Her gallbladder was removed years prior.  Her doctor’s original suspicion was diverticulitis, and he feared she had a blockage so he immediately sent her for a CT scan.

She didn’t make it through the front door of her home when she got a call from her doctor to come into the office.  The findings were shocking:  an 8 cm mass on the tail of her pancreas.  Surgery for partial removal of her pancreas and her spleen was the first step, followed by a regimen of radiation and chemotherapy.  At one point, chemotherapy was administered 24 hours a day for 5 days, for 5 weeks.  Pancreatic cancer has such a devastating effect.  Very few are as lucky as my mother…but it does happen!

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