My mother was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer in November of 2013.  The tumor had blocked her bile duct, resulting in surgery to place a stent in her bile duct for drainage.  After five attempts, the stent was finally placed.  Within one week the tumor started to evade and grow around the stent and we weren’t quite sure how long she had to live, but it did not look promising and the doctor told us that he was going to try and make her as comfortable as possible.

She began chemotherapy treatments in December of 2013 and completed her treatments in September of 2014.  She is now in remission and the tumor is gone.  She lost over 100 pounds and her hair, but that is little to lose as compared to not having her around anymore.  She has been so strong and determined through this whole ordeal and we are truly a family who has been blessed.  So many people prayed for my mom across the whole USA since, unfortunately, we are a family that lives in three different states.  The upside to that was all the prayers that she received.  There is always hope, and you just have to believe.

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