Hi, my name is Jan Literski and I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2010. I had a Whipple procedure on October 18, 2010. Following the surgery, I underwent chemotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation, and then a final 12 weeks of chemotherapy.

After the last round of chemotherapy my CT scan showed a spot on my liver and my tumor markers tripled. Of course the doctors thought the cancer had spread to my liver. I was told if I continued with treatment I might live another year. I chose not to continue treatment so I could live what time I had left with my children and grandchildren and not be sick the entire time. The biopsy on my liver proved to be benign and over time the tumor markers have dropped. I feel great and I am eating great. I am truly blessed. I plan on NOT falling into the grim statistics of pancreatic cancer. I am a survivor and will continue to be a survivor. Please know that there is no date stamp on anyone. Miracles do happen.

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