middle-aged woman doing yoga

Temps are mostly chilly coast to coast this time of year, and the number of daylight hours shorter, but we’ve got suggestions for keeping active during the winter months. And they’re mostly things you can do inside!

Note: Pancreatic cancer patients should consult with their healthcare team before starting or changing their exercise plan or physical activities.

Here are our 7 top picks:

  1. Sure, a brisk walk does wonders for mind, body and soul, but other types of movement, including yoga, are also beneficial for people of all ages and are perfect for wintertime exercise indoors.
  2. Because of the coronavirus, many fitness instructors offer their classes online for a donation (and some are free). You can customize your at-home workout to your interests, fitness level and amount of available time.
  3. If you’re in a snowy part of the country, consider taking a go at shoveling snow as long as it’s safe to do so. It may be a lesser fun activity, but it gets the heart rate pumping!
  4. Housework burns more calories than you might think, and what better time to clean, organize and clear out than the start of a new year?
  5. Bonus points if you have stairs in your house (and your doctor has cleared getting the heart rate up). Walk the stairs for good exercise – or, if you’re cleaning, carrying that vacuum cleaner up and down will give you a quick, hearty workout.
  6. Dance! It can burn as many calories as other aerobic activities and an impromptu dance party is a good family-friendly activity, too.
  7. Remember to keep the mind active. Crafting, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, reading and games are all perfect cold-weather activities that will keep your brain sharp.
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