PanCAN Patient Central Associate speaks with caller while compiling a free information packet.

PanCAN’s Patient Central Associates can help patients and caregivers with any pancreatic cancer-related questions.

Many people familiar with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) know about its PanCAN Patient Services Case Managers – the highly trained and compassionate group of professionals who provide free, personalized resources to those in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

By contacting PanCAN Patient Services, survivors, family members and caregivers can:

  • Learn about all aspects of pancreatic cancer
  • Understand pancreatic cancer symptoms and how the disease is diagnosed
  • Obtain information about specialists and treatment, including clinical trials
  • Learn tips about diet and nutrition
  • Get a list of local support groups

However, did you know that PanCAN Patient Services Case Managers can also help in a variety of other ways at any time during the pancreatic cancer journey? They can provide support such as:

  • Help Navigating Health Systems and Insurance: There could be times when patients and their caregivers find it difficult to obtain the information they need during treatment. Associates can provide clinical trial navigation as well as assistance with financial and insurance issues to clarify any confusion.
  • Help Understanding Molecular Profiling Reports: Medical documents can be hard to understand. Each Associate is highly trained and can help explain your molecular profiling reports.
  • Recipes and Ongoing Resources: For people who are undergoing treatment and living with pancreatic cancer, nutritional needs often change. PanCAN Patient Services Case Managers can provide resources to access recipes that are tasty, healthy and address nutritional challenges.
  • Information for High Risk Individuals: Associates can discuss potential risk factors and signs and symptoms of the disease. They also can provide information about non-cancer-related pancreas conditions like pancreatitis.
  • Resources in Spanish: Associates can help Spanish speakers in their own language and provide them with easily understandable information about pancreatic cancer-related subjects.
Contact a PanCAN Patient Services Case Manager
Contact Patient Services for resources and information to answer any questions you have related to pancreatic cancer.