Stage 4 pancreatic cancer survivor Paul got targeted therapy

I was diagnosed with acinar cell carcinoma of the pancreas (a rare type of pancreatic cancer) in November 2018. The next month I had a distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy. I had the best post-op report one could hope for. All margins were clear, and the 22 lymph nodes tested were clean. Fantastic news! It was decided I wouldn’t get chemo, and I would have CT scans every three to four months.

First scan in March 2019 was perfect. The next one, in June – my life would never be the same. Twenty or more tumors had metastasized (spread) to my liver! I had one chemo treatment and stopped, deciding to start alternative treatments instead. For about four months, my tumors were shrinking. Unlike a “Seinfeld” episode, shrinkage is a great thing. A word all cancer patients long to hear. In December of 2019, a scan showed that my tumors had started to grow again.

Long story short, the next month I started taking a PARP inhibitor named Lynparza. For 11 months, all of my tumors were shrinking, until a scan in November revealed one tumor was growing again. It was decided that I would have a Y90 procedure, or radio embolization. My tumor marker, which for me is lipase, had come down and has been in normal range for the last month. I am very optimistic.

I try not to let the fact that I have this disease consume my every thought. Sometimes I can go for hours where it does not enter my mind, and then suddenly there it is…I have pancreatic cancer!

My experience with PanCAN has been wonderful. I have been assigned a case manager, and she has been great. Listening to me and providing me with valuable information. She takes great notes and has provided feedback on everything that we have discussed.

I have become a volunteer with PanCAN’s Survivor & Caregiver Network and look forward to trying to help and support anyone who reaches out to me. If I can help just one person, by listening to their situation or by offering words of support and compassion, I will be thrilled.

Again my sincere gratitude to PanCAN for all that you do to assist all of us in this ongoing battle to defeat this horrific disease.

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