Twenty-year pancreatic cancer survivor Kitty Swink on stage at PurpleStride Los Angeles 2024 with dozens of survivors.

Dozens of pancreatic cancer survivors on stage with twenty-year survivor Kitty Swink at PurpleStride Los Angeles 2024.

PanCAN PurpleStride 2024 took place in nearly 60 communities across the country this past Saturday, April 27, and proved to be a vibrant celebration of solidarity and resilience and a powerful reminder of the work we must accomplish to end pancreatic cancer.

More than 62,500 Striders participated, united to raise funds and awareness to support patients, families, caregivers, researchers and more who are affected by the disease. The energy was palpable at PanCAN’s biggest fundraising event of the year as people donned their purple attire, symbolizing hope and solidarity.

So far, PurpleStride 2024 has raised over $15.7 million thanks to passionate supporters like you. Each step taken, each dollar donated, brings us closer to a world where every patient with pancreatic cancer will thrive.

The funds raised at PurpleStride go to support PanCAN’s research priorities of finding early detection strategies and accelerating treatment options, offering molecular testing at no cost through PanCAN’s Know Your Tumor®, and offering free, personalized support and resources through PanCAN Patient Services.

Participants rallied their networks, tapping into the power of collective generosity to fund groundbreaking research, provide crucial patient support services, and advocate for increased funding.

The day was nothing short of inspiring. Spirits were uplifted by the passionate stories our speakers shared, including the stories of our amazing survivors.

There’s still time to raise critical funds! PurpleStride 2024 fundraising closes on June 30.

Celebrities who’ve been affected by the disease took steps at PurpleStride, too!

PanCAN PurpleStride team “Trek Against Pancreatic Cancer” standing in front of a PurpleStride-branded step-and-repeat. From left to right, Jonathan Frakes, Juan Carlos Coto, Kitty Swink, Armin Shimerman and John Billingsley.

Team “Trek Against Pancreatic Cancer” is currently the #1 fundraising team in the nation! (L-R, Jonathan Frakes, Juan Carlos Coto, Kitty Swink, Armin Shimerman and John Billingsley)

At PurpleStride Los Angeles, Star Trek stars including Jonathan Frakes, Armin Shimerman, 20-year pancreatic cancer survivor Kitty Swink, and John Billingsley were joined by Juan Carlos Coto, who was honoring his brother, Manny Coto, an executive producer on “Star Trek Enterprise” who passed away from the disease. They were all part of team “Trek Against Pancreatic Cancer.” They are currently the #1 fundraising team in the nation!

Also in attendance at PurpleStride Los Angeles was guest speaker Lisa Niemi Swayze, the wife of the late actor Patrick Swayze who passed away in 2009, survivor Eric Idle, of “Monty Python,” and “Little House on the Prairie” cast members Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush, known for their combined role as Carrie Ingalls, and Leslie Landon Matthews and Shawna Landon who honored their late father, actor and director Michael Landon.

Lisa Niemi Swayze (R), with Eric Idle (L), posing for photo at PanCAN PurpleStride Los Angeles 2024.

Lisa Niemi Swayze (R), here with survivor and “Monty Python” star Eric Idle (L), spoke on stage about Patrick to a crowd of over 3,000 Striders.

Shawna Landon (L), and Leslie Landon Matthews (R) posing for a photo at PanCAN PurpleStride Los Angeles 2024.

Shawna Landon (L), and Leslie Landon Matthews (R) were part of “Team Little House” to honor their dad, the late Michael Landon.

At this year’s opening ceremony, Lisa spoke about her support of PanCAN in honor of Patrick. “I am here today at PanCAN PurpleStride because my late husband, Patrick Swayze, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2007 and passed away just 22 months later. He fought so valiantly, heroically, and I know there are many people that are fighting today. I know how they feel. I know how important it is,” said Lisa to the more than 3,000 participants. “But just because he’s gone, it doesn’t mean the fight is over. Through our efforts today, raising funds and raising awareness, and advocating for the federal government to invest more in pancreatic cancer research, we’re going to beat this disease.”

Miss America Madison Marsh on stage with pancreatic cancer survivors at PanCAN PurpleStride New York City 2024.

Miss America Madison Marsh on stage with survivors at PanCAN PurpleStride New York City 2024.

On the opposite side of the country, Miss America Madison Marsh spoke on stage with survivors. She was there to honor her mom, Whitney, who passed away from the disease.

“Pancreatic cancer is a tough disease,” said Madison at the event’s opening ceremony. “There is no time or money to waste on pancreatic cancer. People need change now. We need more money going to pancreatic cancer research now. We need people who are ready to rally behind others. Together with PanCAN, we can all make a difference. Every penny. Every second counts for patients.”

Ten people standing in front of the finish line at PanCAN PurpleStride Chicago 2024.

“Team Jerry” took steps at PanCAN PurpleStride Chicago to honor the late Jerry Springer who passed away from pancreatic cancer. Katie Yenkin, Jerry’s daughter, spoke at the event.

At PurpleStride Chicago, Katie Yenkin, daughter of the late Jerry Springer, spoke at the opening ceremony and shared about her father who passed away from pancreatic cancer exactly one year earlier. She and her family formed Team Jerry in honor of her father and walked for the first time!

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A man and a woman holding a baby at PanCAN PurpleStride Pittsburgh.

PanCAN PurpleStride Pittsburgh first-timer Maya Yeomans, with parents Dan and Elina, were part of team “Baba’s Bunch,” named for Maya’s late grandfather Sanjib’s love for bananas. Cute dress, Maya! Photo courtesy of Paula Mukherjee.

Six people holding signs with pictures of lost loved ones at PanCAN PurpleStride 2024.

Longtime PanCAN supporter Craig Irving took steps at PurpleStride to honor his sister, Viv, who passed away from pancreatic cancer. Photo courtesy of Craig Irving.

You can still fundraise for PurpleStride 2024!

Remember, you have until June 30 to continue fundraising for your PanCAN PurpleStride event. Raise $1,000 or more and you’ll become a member of the PanCAN PurpleStride Grand Club and receive an official Grand Club 2024 hoodie.

We hope to see you next year at PanCAN PurpleStride 2025!

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