Let's Talk About: Pancreatic Cancer in the Black Community

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Black Americans are more likely to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer than any other ethnic and racial group. Researchers don't know exactly why, but they believe environmental and lifestyle factors play a role. Also, some Black patients face barriers that can hinder them from receiving care.

Members of the Black community gathered during National Black Family Cancer Awareness Week 2022 to share their experiences with the disease and discuss:

  • How to speak with your physician about your personalized care plan
  • How to access treatment options and clinical trials
  • The importance of genetic and biomarker testing
  • The free resources PanCAN Patient Services offers, including how to find a pancreatic cancer specialist, information on diet and nutrition, financial support and more

Learn how you can advocate for yourself or a loved one facing pancreatic cancer. Get your questions answered and connect with people who can help.



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Karyn A. Temple, Moderator

Member, PanCAN Board of Directors
Senior Executive Vice President and Global General Counsel, Motion Picture Association
Karyn lost her father and grandmother to pancreatic cancer

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Craig Irving

PanCAN supporter
Corporate Sales Manager, Eastern Division, American Airlines
Craig was a caregiver for his sister, whom he lost to pancreatic cancer

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Randi Ervin

Pancreatic cancer survivor
Member, PanCAN Survivor Council; PanCAN volunteer leader
Senior Marketing Manager, EarnUp

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Marcus Noel, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine, Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Focuses on gastrointestinal cancer, with a special interest in pancreatic cancer

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Ashley Nelson

Case Manager, PanCAN Patient Services
A compassionate, trusted and supportive resource for pancreatic cancer patients and families

Learn if you are at risk for pancreatic cancer.

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My Experience with Pancreatic Cancer

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After losing his sister to pancreatic cancer, Craig Irving is focused on educating the Black community about symptoms of the disease and the importance of clinical trials.

Oncologist Is Humbled, Inspired by His Patients

Meet Dr. Marcus Noel of Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center and find out who inspired him to pursue medicine and oncology, and how his patients and working toward equity in care inspire him now.

Honoring Her Family's Legacy of Giving Back

Donor Karyn Temple lost her dad and grandmother to pancreatic cancer. Now she's raising money for pancreatic cancer and carrying on her family's legacy of giving back.

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Pays it Forward

Randi Ervin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer nearly six years ago. After learning about PanCAN, she became a volunteer, doing her part to make sure people facing the disease get support.

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