Editor’s note: This article is another installment in our “Year in Review” series recapping the year’s top stories in pancreatic cancer research, national news, volunteer contributions and more. Keep an eye out for more of the articles on our blog until the end of December.

For the pancreatic cancer community, this was a year of unforeseen breakthroughs, hard-fought lessons and heartbreaking inspiration. Here are our top 10 most-viewed news stories from 2017.

  1. FDA Approval of Keytruda Drug
    Historic announcement of the first cancer drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of solid tumors based on their molecular profile.
  2. Five Things to Know about BRCA Mutations
    Five important facts about BRCA mutations and how they impact pancreatic cancer risk as well as influence treatment options.
  3. I Demand Better for Earlier Diagnosis
    Interview with a mother whose son passed away of the disease earlier this year. He was 38 years old and married with a 3-year old daughter.
  4. 13-year Survivor Takes Control
    After seeing her mom and younger sister lose their battles with the disease within a span of 12 days, a survivor shares her 13-year journey.
  5. Sugar and Cancer – What You Need to Know
    Learn about sugar and carbs for a patient’s diet from senior clinical dietitian at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Maria Petzel.
  6. The Road to Effective Immunotherapy
    Interview with researcher who led efforts to examine Keytruda’s effectiveness in pancreatic cancer patients with high microsatellite instability (MSI).
  7. Treatment for Obesity-Associated Pancreatic Cancer
    Profile on researcher who discovered answers to questions regarding the behavior of the disease in obese vs. lean patients.
  8. Nine Healthy Snacks for Patients
    Nine quick and healthy snacks that not only work well for patients, but also delicious enough to share with family and friends.
  9. Rare Mutation Gives Survivor Options and Hope
    Profile on how a molecular alteration for 35-year old Akshay Mehta, MD, allowed him to go on a targeted therapy for his tumor.
  10. 5 Things to Know about Keytruda
    Five important facts you should know about the landmark cancer drug from what exactly it is to how it actually works.


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