Every pancreatic cancer patient has different nutritional needs, so our PanCAN Patient Services team recommends that patients consult with a registered dietitian for nutritional advice.

A registered dietitian who is familiar with cancer patients can evaluate the needs of pancreatic cancer patients and help design a diet that is best for them. Ask your doctor or nurse for a referral to a dietitian who works with cancer patients or patients with gastrointestinal disorders.

Here are questions to consider asking your dietitian:

General questions

  • Are there foods I should avoid?
  • What types of food should I try to include in my diet?
  • How should I change my diet to account for the digestive symptoms I am experiencing?
  • How should I handle lack of appetite or account for fatigue?
  • What should I know about pancreatic enzymes?
  • Are there special diet recommendations for diabetes?

Treatment and diet questions

  • How will my treatment affect my appetite?
  • Are there nutritional recommendations to best sustain myself while on treatment?
  • How should I change my diet to account for side effects as a result of treatment?

Meal planning and recipes

  • What are some examples of things I should eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
  • Can you help me create a personalized meal plan?
  • Are there any recipes or cookbooks you suggest?
  • Are there specific diets that I should or should not follow to ensure that I am getting adequate nutrition?

Surgery and diet questions

  • What should my diet include in the days and weeks before surgery?
  • What dietary changes can I anticipate in the days and weeks following surgery?
  • How will my diet be affected long-term following my surgery?

We can provide free resources on this topic, as well as a free Diet & Nutrition booklet and other questions to ask your dietitian. Contact us today.

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